The development prospect of LED luminous clothing,LED stage performance costume

Throughout the led clothing industry, in recent years has been in a sunrise state.Some maintain led tron costume performance of more than 20%, some high-end led luminous costume brands and low-end brands are excellent in both hands, and some have a very high sales rate in the quarter. What about you?

The birth of flourishing shop depends on luck not only actually, more because these people are having sensitive prospective.And below the several conjectures about the development prospect of stage performance wear clothing industry, can certainly give you some inspiration –

1. Big led costumes brands in the industry will be shuffled

In the TOP50 list of hottest women’s wear led clothing in the first half of 2018, there are 8 emerging brands of local women’s wear sexy led dress alone!In 3 years, now these so-called big brand, famous brand, luxury goods, will be shuffled because of them!

First came chanel doll machine, after burberry, CELINE renamed, and a few days ago dior announced that the company name all changed to English capitals, including the previous settlement douyin……

It is not hard to see that in order not to be ignored by consumers, these luxury brands are desperately upgrading the young.The trend of “upgrading and upgrading” of consumption is becoming more and more evident in the Chinese led costume market, and led lights for clothes emerging brands that can bring more freshness to millennials are obviously more competitive led lights costumes.

2. Increased personalized demand for led skeleton costume products

Three factors, namely consumption power, consumption psychology and social progress, jointly promote the concept of personalized customization, which is based on people’s own expression.

The garment industry has developed from a stage of product scarcity to a tron girl costumes stage of product proposal that meets individual needs.Consumers no longer need a single product price, more is to want brand added value.

Personalized demand and customization discodance costumes will become more and more trend with the deepening of people’s understanding of themselves.The expression of appeal, affirmation of core value and satisfaction of loneliness are bound to be the next blue ocean of dividends in the led clothing industry.??

Sustainable fashion light up dress will gradually become mainstream

The protection of environment and labor will become more and more important in the field of textile and garment.Clothing controller and costumes control system textiles are the world’s second most polluting industry (after oil).

At present, the led costumes industry attaches great importance to the development of fabrics and the reduction of consumption of natural resources, and is vigorously developing environment-friendly dyes. Therefore, from design custom dance costumes to manufacturing, garments that pay attention to environmental protection will be more popular.

4. Lips and teeth depend on each other online and offline

New modes, such as online order glow in the dark costume and light up tron costume offline delivery, or offline experience and online purchase, have become a major trend in the clothing industry.

Uniqlo has made the best use of multi-channel operation. It has also benefited from this fact that it has won the sales champion of singles’ day led clothing for many times.

5, the trading chain is shortened indefinitely led skirt

With the advent of the era of big data, people are getting closer to the essence of things, eliminating redundant programs and pointing to the core value of things.

Therefore, the channel hierarchy led body suit of the garment industry is extremely compressed, and the chain between factories and consumers will be infinitely shortened.

6, the site selection is no longer the decisive factor led suit costume

The rise of Internet tools makes all self-built traffic possible, including popular apps like weibo and douyin.Also accordingly, flourishing shop passenger flow will no longer be only choice.

7. Change the cooperation mode between the store and shopping center led lighting for clothes

When the site selection is no longer the only choice, the former dependence of disco ball suit shops on shopping center will change.

In the next three years, shopping will be hungry for stores tron dance costumes with the capacity to attract customers led halloween costume, which will in turn rely on the stores and even change the way of cooperation.Even now, businesses are scrambling to introduce new species.


Post time: Jul-01-2019