The 2019 Victoria’s secret fashion show cancelled a revolution in times and traditions

This year’s Victoria’s secret show has been rumored to be coming to an end, and Shanina Shaik recently confirmed in an interview with ELLE magazine that the Victoria’s secret show will not be back this year.
She said: ‘unfortunately there’s no Victoria’s secret show this year and it’s a bit of a shock to me as I’ve been training to be an angel for this time of year.But I’m sure there will be more in the future, and I’m sure they’re trying to build Victoria’s secret and continue to do it in new ways.Because it’s the best.”

This is also evidence of previous reports that the Victoria’s secret show may be suspended in May this year, and in recent years gradually declining ratings are suspected to be the main reason for the suspension.
The Victoria’s secret fashion show, or Victoria’s secret, is an annual fashion show hosted by Victoria’s secret, an American lingerie and pajama brand.
It has been held regularly since the 1990s and has been held annually since 1995, mainly on the eve of valentine’s day to stimulate consumption.From the initial simplicity show held in 1995 to the present global fashion feast has more than 20 years of cultural background.

Every year, the big show will arrange different performers to perform on the show, to cooperate with many supermodels wearing exquisite clothes and wings to walk the show, staged the double feast of hearing and vision, so every year will also attract hundreds of celebrities and artists to watch the LED costumes show.The big show is televised every year.

In fact, the suspension of Victoria’s secret show is not an accident. In today’s diversified information society, traditional TV broadcasting is no longer the mainstream.In recent years, the quality of the Victoria’s secret show reputation and ratings have been declining, especially since 2013 Victoria’s secret show changed designers every year after the design is the same.

The led wings of feather element can be seen every year. The wing flooding and recycling has been tried and nothing new.Compared with the time when Victoria’s secret once had the gods, now the web celebrity model show which invited many shows was not satisfactory, and could not well show the beauty of the show clothes, which led to the constant ridicule of Victoria’s secret show in recent years.

On Feb. 28, Victoria’s secret parent LBrands reported a dismal performance for the fourth quarter and full year of 2018, with sales falling 9.3% to $18.5% from $2.04 billion a year earlier.In recent years, Victoria’s secret has seen its ratings drop from 10 million to more than 3 million last year.

If nothing changes, it will be a matter of time before the show goes off the air at this rate, but this year it will go off the air faster than expected.

The show, which has been running for more than 20 years, is about to become a thing of the past.Through this suspension also hope Victoria’s secret can usher in changes, readjustment and departure.‚Äč

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Post time: Aug-13-2019