Taobao creation festival eye-catching LED luminous clothing

With a long history of architecture in China and the ability of many architects to handle structures such as dougong and mortise and tenon, many millennials are using the platform to create a personalized version of China’s lego culture.At first glance, this operation is a bit like “my world” in the single-player game has somewhat similar, even the Great Wall, the Terra Cotta Warriors, such as “national construction, through the original designer makeover, taobao can become god in the west lake water broken bridge the runway fashion, combined with the international well-known designers deep ze straight, traditional Chinese culture will collide with the advanced design inspiration sparks of about.

 Because of this, traditional culture and original design have started to combine, leading to a vane of mass consumption, and to a certain extent, promoting the improvement of the economic level.Among them, the taobao creation section of the outbreak is the originality and inspiration better platform, favoured in imaginative young man, even the CCTV reporters and news broadcast is hereby make important reports on taobao section of creation, the fusion of traditional and modern derived novel and original design products to the people so that a bloom.

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 With relevant departments to statistics, at present nearly fifty percent of the grade jia intangible crafts, by more than seventy percent finalists have sucked on taobao eyes numerous, in 2018, taobao platform of average consumers to buy more than 2 pieces of traditional cultural products, more than seventy percent of the traditional culture of the consumer as the young gens, so traditional culture by the modern design not only can be upgraded packaging, also in the taobao platform receiving more and more popularity.

Coincidentally, as a post-80s, original designer kaka also released two design products on taobao, which won the iF design award.It can be seen that taobao creation festival is built based on big data mining, consumer insight and supply chain management ability, which not only attracts more designers to show their design strength on this platform, but also makes the products that combine tradition and advance sell at a good price.

 Underwear brand “curious honey, co-founder of Zoe, also on the design of the broken bridge show mine, it is worth mentioning that the higher-ups developed design products on taobao sales growth are more than 300% a year, and she also told the media:” I’m like traditional culture itself, can the chance to try again on national culture and IP creation, is of special significance for myself.”Therefore, Zoe’s works are often shown in broken bridge show and taobao creation festival, which is not only a simple fashion show, but also an important link to show the level of Chinese design for the whole world.

Because of this, on September 16, the international well-known designer deep ze straight person also personally taobao creation festival held a new release conference, and show their own “true pink” series of new products.And the inspiration of these products, was derived from his a year ago in hangzhou of China academy of picking up a brick, so deep ze straight on the basis of usual contracted design style, build give a kind of exotic flower appearance of sound, and he also said the key of this fast enlightenment master above with fine texture, very appropriate, then directly back to Japan for collection.

Post time: Oct-31-2019