stage lighting and stage setting are important components of stage art

stage lighting and stage setting are important components of led stage clothing art. First, let’s popularize the development history of LED stage costumes art, which can be summarized as follows:In the 17th century, the theory of perspective emerged and prevailed for more than 300 years.A hallucinatory setting that arose in the late 19th century;In the 20th century, the naturalist scenery pushed realism to the extreme in pursuit of historical realistic description;To the end of the 20th century, the development of mature freehand scenery. 

The stage(led dancewear) art of drama led performance costume develops from realistic to non-realistic, which makes the function of stage lighting get new development led performance clothing. The general trend of custom led stage costume lighting development is to strengthen the awareness of lighting participation in performance custom led stage clothing to increase the task of shaping space. That is to say, led stage lighting changed from “basic lighting function” to emphasize the freehand expression and expression of led light up clothing, the shaping function of light, the activity function of led light up costume, and the relationship between glow up led costumes or led clothes light and music.

As a comprehensive LED art costumes, drama is the unity of audiovisual art led wedding dress. In addition to good scripts, directors and actors, the success of drama performance ballet tutu  requires the orderly coordination of stage design, lighting clothes, sound, led costume, makeup and other departments. On the one hand, the first is the script, and the led lighting costumes is usually the last to be completed in all stages, which plays a role in shaping the space and atmosphere of the stage performance dancewear.In all these departments, the lighting of the rhythm and rhythm of the change of the grasp of the most important. But to the light change rhythm and the melody grasp, must not only coordinate with the stage design, with the clothing to coordinate, more cannot leave is to the plot, luminous costumes controller software ,music, as well as the actor performance understanding and coordination.

Post time: Jul-09-2019