Regardless of the music and dance

hen it comes to stage plays that are well combined with stage lighting and set worship, there are countless. Let’s go to the example section, I mainly stand in the light Angle to do the overall analysis.The Broadway musical “Cats” has a more abstract staging concept: “the world as seen through the eyes of a cat led dancewear,led performance costumes,led costumes software.

Regardless of the music and dance, or the actor’s performance has strong vitality and rapid, the design of the light in rich coloring on the bold, multi-purpose contrast with adjacent colour create an atmosphere of mystery and joy, beam design and clear and clear, the rhythm of light and modelling nervous rhythm of the music, light places shading performance only beautiful and moving music rhythm. From the point of light, light color, light movement is a little like the feeling of a concert, the designer does not need to consider the simulation of natural light, can give full play to the imagination to show the beauty of the stage. For a show like “cats” and for Amy, this kind of lighting design is what it should be.

The stage setting of Italian opera La Traviata is relatively realistic and retro gorgeous. Although the plot, performance and music rhythm fluctuate obviously, the lighting has a strong plasticity on music, but due to the consideration of practical factors, the rhythm of lighting still needs to follow the natural change rules.The regular light levels such as surface light, slap light and backlight are used to simulate and shape the plot environment. The rhythm of the light is very natural and steady, no matter it is a scene with many people or a few people. If the light beats too much, the audience will be distracted from the singing.The lighting and rhythm design of La Traviata is undoubtedly the correct consideration to promote the plot development. In the case of opera, what the audience needs to feel is the authenticity of the sound.



Post time: Jul-18-2019