music and the intention of the actors’ performance

According to the Chinese version of the musical “the sound of music”, there is a scene happening in the monastery. There is only one table and two chairs on the stage, plus maria and the mother of the dean. The background of the stage is the colorful window of the monastery. The monastery is supposed to be quiet, but this “plain” ambient light is not enough to support the whole scene. Therefore, we added a glass window pattern into the ambient light of the simple office area and the backlight of the colored window of the monastery, to complete the extension of the space, capture the details, and depict the overall picture in a win-win way. The audience can also feel the sanctity of the monastery.

Such excellent stage LED tron dance costumes works abound. It is only through the action of light that an object becomes artistic in human vision. It is not advisable to illuminate everything on the stage, including every actor and everything. The stage light should create a light with sculptural value and provide understanding and cooperation after penetrating into the plot, music and the intention of the actors’ performance. That’s what being responsible for the audience is all about.

Post time: Jul-23-2019