Legendary designers in the fashion industry

There are many legendary designers in the fashion industry. They seem to contain countless energy and talents, and have left many amazing works to the world. But at the same time, they are lonely. Alexander McQueen is one of them.

McAlexander McQueen is an out-and-out ghost in the fashion industry of LED dress costume, and the founder of the famous British high fashion brand Alexander McQueen. His designs are always amazing, full of wild creativity, and very dramatic. His works often express emotional strength, natural energy, romantic but absolute modernity in a wild way, with a high degree of recognition. In just over 20 years, it has been all over the world. Celebrity stars such as Princess Kate, KateMoss, Lady Gaga and Betty Victoria are all fans of Alexander McQueen.

Contrast and glory after fame, McQueen’s childhood experience is much darker. McQueen was born in the East End of London. Compared to the wealthy and glorious West End, the vulgar and poor East End is full of crime, drugs, sex and class conflicts. The famous “Ripper Jack” case happened here. McQueen ’s father was a taxi driver, and his mother later became a history teacher at a local elementary school. He has three older sisters and two older brothers. He is the youngest child in the family. The family lived in a crowded public rental house. His father was grumpy, and domestic violence was more common. The depressed family environment made him look weird from an early age.

Because of this, his talent has a dark side, so the beauty he creates is also dark glowing costume for dance performance, rebellious, and even has the meaning of death. When his eponymous brand was founded, he used all the funds to host a shocking show: Highland Rape. The runway was overgrown with weeds, and the models wobbled and wobbled like girls who had just been raped. In fact, the bold design of this show made McQueen controversial for a while. In fact, McQueen’s design philosophy is to express the bloody war against Scotland in England in the 18th century. I want to use this depressing design to make the audience reflect.

During his career, he also designed creative works such as: animal bone spine corsets, “Coiled” metal corsets, feather bird nest headdresses, low-waisted buttocks, “shipwreck” and “oyster skirts”. . Every design of McQueen has exhausted his energy. His works have gone beyond the concept of clothing, and every time is a great art created by exhausting life.

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Post time: Dec-19-2019