LED luminous clothing will become a fashion trend?

LED luminous costume will become a fashion trend?

“China’s fashion LED clothes manufacturing level is now the world’s first,” said a senior executive in the luxury goods industry.

According to brand LED clothing is understood, as early as in 2009, there are 60% of the international luxury brands in China have their own production line, and the Coach is the first one began to the luxury brand, made in China now Coach plant in China has been as high as 500, in addition to the Coach, the luxury brands include Fossil, Michael Kors, hermes, Louis vuitton top luxury brands such as some of the parts, and even some of the top luxury brand most of the products are made in China.

Prada outsourced 80% of its processes  

In 2011, Italian luxury brand Prada broke the news that it and another venture capital fund, IDG, would buy a stake in Prada’s Chinese luggage manufacturing company “times leather”, each taking about 20% of the shares to be issued.This is an indirect admission that Prada has contract factories in mainland China.

Ralph Lauren is prolific in China

Ralph Lauren has said that most of its products are made in China, with orders totaling hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Will China LED costume become the foundry of the luxury industry?   

China’s fashion LED clothing manufacturing level is now the world’s top level   

“We are producing in China and sending teams of Italian leather-makers to teach Chinese workers that the craftsmanship in China is at a premium level,” said Ian Bickley, President and chief executive of COACH.

 “China’s fashion LED dance costume manufacturing level is now the world’s best,” said a senior executive in the luxury industry. “for at least the next decade, China will have no alternative to this industry.”

Post time: Nov-05-2019