LED dance props and lighting in time and space to show the shape

Cao yu’s drama thunderstorm is an outstanding work, but the script style is a tragic form, is also a typical realist style. The zhou residence of the comprador bourgeoisie is a fixed place of the stage. The whole performance has a strong atmosphere of life and emotion. The whole play is built on the basis of realism to show the thoughts and styles of the play. Another important point. “Thunderstorm” is not a good “thunderstorm” without thunder and lightning. How to show, or to study the author’s attitude: it is to show the era of the thunderstorm, show the inner feelings of the thunderstorm. The processing of light should have ups and downs, strong and weak rhythm sense, modeling ability, and the most important thing is to circle around the characters. To bourgeois mansion cloth as the medium, do not show those who have no purpose of the effect, more can not disturb the drama performance.

Another example is the detailed scene of the musical I, don jizide Chinese version. This is a drama within a drama, so the choreography starts with the prison sceneThroughout. Leaving the hotel of the prison scene, the church and the old house can only rely on the drama performance, simple stage props and lighting in time and space to show the shape.

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Post time: Jul-19-2019