Impact of overseas epidemic on cross-border e-commerce

In response to the secondary impact of the outbreak of overseas epidemics on China’s foreign trade exports and the impact of macro trends, Harris Zhu Qiucheng, a lecturer in the Hall of Fame of Alibaba’s foreign trade circle and general manager of Ningbo New Oriental Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., shared. He pointed out that the three major markets currently significantly affected by the overseas epidemic are North America, the European Union, and Japan and South Korea, which are also the most mainstream target markets for China’s foreign trade exports.

“China’s foreign trade export companies that have just eased their domestic epidemic situation for a while will also be affected twice due to the outbreak of overseas epidemics.” He said that the continued overseas epidemic will have six major macro trends affecting China’s foreign trade export industry, namely: The globalization of the epidemic further affects the full resumption of work of Chinese export companies, the overseas market demand will have a certain downward trend in the short term, the international logistics will be further frustrated, the online channels will cause the outbreak of online shopping demand, the overseas epidemic will continue to cause some categories of sales to surge, and cross-border electricity Business has become a real mainstream trend.

Finally, Zhu Qiucheng mentioned that 2020 was a year in which crisis and opportunities coexisted for foreign trade export companies, and that the overall basic trend of China’s foreign trade in 2020 was positive. In this regard, he also gave some suggestions to cope with the overseas epidemic situation: first, still believe in the strength of the government; second, some foreign trade companies can be transformed into production; To seize the huge market opportunity of the Belt and Road countries; fifth, the choice of omni-channel foreign trade marketing channels; sixth, to enhance the value of technology and technology, and go to the higher end of the industrial chain; seventh, to make full use of policy dividends to overcome difficulties .

  The following is a summary of Zhu Qiucheng’s readme:

2020 will be a “year of life and death” for many China’s foreign trade export enterprises. In the past 2019, many foreign trade SMEs have experienced a difficult year with great uncertainty.

The outbreak in 2020 will even worsen many small and micro-export companies. The outbreak has lasted for more than two months. China is basically under control due to strong government leadership, and the situation is getting better and better.

While many foreign trade export companies are returning to work in an orderly manner and export data is expected to slowly recover, the overseas epidemic has suddenly erupted, which has put Chinese foreign trade people collectively into a trap and confusion.

Recently, due to the outbreak of overseas epidemics, the entire Chinese foreign trade circle is worried. Overseas purchasing customers cancel or delay orders, cross-border retail data has plummeted, and even some industry category sales data has fallen sharply. What is the future of China’s foreign trade in 2020? How should the majority of frontline foreign trade export enterprises respond? This should be a question that all Chinese foreign trade export manufacturing enterprises should think deeply about at present.

For manufacturers of LED light up costume,luminous clothing,glowing dress clothes that are mainly exported to foreign trade, how can they survive this crisis?

 Any crisis is a coexistence of crisis and opportunity. With the continued overseas epidemic, traditional offline channels have closed or closed. For overseas consumers, online purchasing channels have become unique, so the current trend of e-commerce is still Is very good.


Post time: Mar-23-2020