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The German sportswear brand Adidas has announced that it will close two high-tech led robot costume factory in the German city of ansbach and the American city of Atlanta by April 2020.

Adidas has announced the closure of its Speedfactory factory in Germany and the us. 

Recently, the German sports brand Adidas Adidas released the latest news, says it will closed in April 2020 before in Germany, Bach, Ann, and the United States and his two Atlantic city high-tech “robot” factory – Speedfactory, and plans at the end of the year and Asia cooperation between the two suppliers of production of use of the Speedfactory high-tech technology making sports shoes and other products.

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Speedfactory specializes in intelligent manufacturing, claiming to use fully automated robots to replace manual, highly automated digital factories.Footwear production is faster and more flexible, allowing for a variety of small-scale customizations.SPEEDFACTORY can take advantage of new technologies such as computer weaving and robotic cutting to shorten the process to a week or less.The time saved in this way can be used for Adidas to combine the hot spot and demand of the market to make the fastest response and release more clearly oriented products to the shoe market.

 Adidas’s Speedfactory factory cannot handle mass production

 Now, Adidas has announced the closure of the Speedfactory factory in Germany and the United States. According to relevant media analysis, Adidas’s ideal Speedfactory factory has not been achieved, but is only a half-finished product.Due to the inability to meet the requirements of mass production, we can only produce some products of upper and sole, and cannot produce the sole made of rubber. In order to improve some basic intelligent manufacturing technology, we chose to close it in April 2020.

 More than 90 percent of Adidas’s shoe production was done in Asia

Another reason is that 90% of Adidas’s shoes are now made in factories in Asia, mostly in China and Vietnam.The reason for the establishment of a factory in Vietnam is that the labor in Vietnam is relatively cheaper than that in China, while the reason for the establishment of a factory in China is that China is already a big country of fashion processing and manufacturing in the world, and the level of fashion production and manufacturing is now at the world-class level, and almost all the fashion brand OEM is in China.Adidas spokesman Rich Efrus also said it would make more sense to use the Speedfactory for Asian production.

Adidas is playing for China

Secondly, the trade war between China and the United States is becoming more and more urgent. The fact that Adidas chose to abandon the Speedfactory factory in Germany and the United States also shows that Adidas is determined to focus on the Chinese market and develop its brand culture in China.Moreover, the powerful marketing ability of China’s e-commerce platform can also provide a powerful boost to the development of its brand.

Post time: Nov-18-2019