Hunan Future Creative Technology Declaration Are you ready for Christmas this year?

Hunan Future Creative Technology Declaration Are you ready for Christmas this year?

The Christmas that we expects every year is finally coming. Are you ready for the next Christmas? Is it a date with a lover, a family reunion, or a party with an old friend?

Next, the editor will recommend several popular items of LED lighting clothing, and attach a matching chart to provide a little inspiration for everyone’s party look. LED lighting skirts are really my favorite in this issue. Wearing this glowing skirt is like wearing a Nordic fairy tale. The geometric abstract patterns of the shoulders and cuffs are derived from the landscapes of Iceland.

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Wearing the same color corduroy LED skirt in a warm brown coat, with a childlike and cute Icelandic sweater on the upper body, this dress is reminiscent of warm retro, Nordic and classic Victorian times. You can put the whole person inside, the clothes are fluffy like a small quilt, the big fur collar is very warm when you look at it, and the clothes are very warm. Because the shape is silhouette, you can put some thick sweaters, plush The fact that the pie overcomes the collocation is very high quality LED circus costume.

It is full of Nordic purity and high-end temperament, because the pattern itself has a strong sense of existence, so the items matched with it can be as simple as possible, and they also have a fashionable and retro tone. The sweater’s thickness and slender skirt, covered in spring and autumn, can let the breeze blow up the skirt. The corduroy skirt is paired with an Icelandic sweater, full of rural style. Cute and elegant skirts can’t be abandoned in autumn and winter.

The dragon pattern and letter LOGO design on the front and back of the LED stilt luminous suit clothing inject new and lively elements into the traditional luminous clothing. Even in a calm dark green coat, it still sparkles lively at Christmas. Red is naturally the main color of Christmas. If you want to meet the LED Christmas costume atmosphere and look fashionable, you must have wonderful red items. If you are worried, you cannot control a large area of ​​red.

The same brown line is more harmonious. A variety of yarns are very complex and irregular in textile process. Randomly distributed three-dimensional geometric figures are woven into rhombuses. Pink three-dimensional small cherry is playful like a forest princess. LED light ballet skirts also have a Christmas atmosphere.

How can there be fewer dark green items for glowing Christmas clothing, and pay tribute to the large fur collar design drawn from vintage coats, which can make the wearer’s face and mood particularly rich. Get rid of the boring black, the dark green has a strong and classic feel, shaping a lively and quiet feeling in Christmas, tough and advanced.
You can also choose some red items such as sweaters for small area embellishment. This can not only get rid of the dullness easily, but also make the red items stand out as a bonus point! You can also choose to add gloves, scarves, hats, etc., with warm winter items, cute and retro, but pay attention to the choice of colored socks to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Post time: Dec-23-2019