Hunan future creative technology participate in the zhejiang stage performance costume exhibition

On June 21, hunan future creative technology co., LTD. (formerly known as changsha tianchuang stage costume company) appeared at zhejiang stage performing arts clothing exhibition, which was also the first LED lighting clothing brand in China.

In 2012, hunan future creative technology co., LTD. ‘s series of luminous clothing began to enter the international market, and began to register in alibaba international station chengxintong members actively develop the overseas stage costumes market.At present, the future of luminous clothing customers all over the world.In the past years, the future has accumulated many fans with its unique creative ideas in LED dance stage costumes, and the mainstream consumers are fans of performing arts and fashion trends of all ages.

It can be said that the brand building of LED light clothing started in 2012 has gone through many difficulties. It took hunan future several years to give a satisfactory answer.So how is hunan future redoubling its efforts in the past six months of 2019, and what positive signals are being sent?

Hunan art director LI Xiao-bin in early 2019 began to develop in the future design a luminous costume product, number of a global initiative light control system; the hangzhou exhibition will come in handy, under normal circumstances, if want to go to the exhibition, generally need to take at least a dozen sets of clothing to show our light clothing and the characteristics of wireless synchronous control system, with this luminous uniform control system, we glow is equivalent to just bring a luminous suit can fully show customers our light how to achieve the real-time synchronous control.There are also several kinds of light-emitting clothing with display screen composed of more than 1000 LED lights. Customers can program and design their own LOGO. Compared with the ordinary advertising display of LED screen, this kind of light-emitting clothing with LED screen has a refreshing feeling.

Future luminous clothing with bold innovation and unique design concept to stage performance clothing to a new height.

Conclusion: hunan will spare no effort to create the image of luminous clothing for high-end stage performance in the next few years and become the vane of international luminous clothing brands.As future artistic director li xiaobin himself said: “after years of efforts, we have laid some foundation, I believe that we will grow very healthy in the future, we are confident to see the future of strong growth!


Post time: Jun-27-2019