How to distinguish and select LED& fiber optic luminous clothing?

There are three kinds of common luminous clothing on the market.

a)Cold light (EL) luminous clothing.

Advantages: simple production, clothing production experience can be made.It’s cheap.

Disadvantages: (1) the light is weak, to use in a very dark scene, in order to see luminous lines;

(2) the end of the line is easy to break, high failure rate;

(3) higher safety voltage, output as high as 180V;

(4) control mode is single, can’t remote control, can’t program the change of light color, can’t DMX512 control, can’t reach the effect that the actor wants at all, can consider to the primary user with low requirement.

b) Full color optical fiber luminous costume.

Hunan future creative technology original patented products, single point control, strong light, the use of the scene without any requirements, can be used in the day, night effect is better.Long service life, comfortable to wear.Control mode: remote control, programmable card synchronization control, wireless DMX512 control, 433 wireless synchronization control.All lighting effects desired by the actors can be achieved.

c) LED luminous clothing.

Leds are divided into three categories:

A. One color LED: easy to understand, just one color.

B. RGB LED is also full color, but it can not be controlled by a single point, but only by a section or a whole.

C. Full-color LED: as the name implies, it can change all colors, and can be controlled by a single point, and can realize various control methods.The common LED luminous clothing in the market is made of engineering soft light strip.Advantages: fast production, low cost, convenient procurement, everywhere;Disadvantages: uncomfortable to wear, easy to break down, short service life, dancing movement is also limited, the light belt can be welded or broken at any time, can not work normally.

Hunan future creative technology adopts a unique full-color LED proprietary product, which is a kind of soft light belt specially developed for luminous clothing. It can be controlled by a single point, comfortable to wear, very soft and can be deformed at will, without any restriction on dance movements, and has a long service life.Control mode: remote control, programmable card synchronization control, wireless DMX512 control, wireless 433 control.All control methods in the field of luminous clothing are the first proprietary products.The above controller is designed for luminous clothing, long service life, small and light, long receiving distance, high synchronization rate, no error.


Post time: Nov-20-2019