How did the Han nationality costume rise?

[Introduction] In recent years, you can often see many people wearing Hanfu walking on the street, which has caused a wave of celebrity style. It is this trend that has triggered the rise of Hanfu clothing and also promoted the economic industry. Role, I have to say that the driving force of those young ladies and sisters in Hanfu is not to be underestimated.

Then let ’s also explore what Hanfu is getting. Capitalists who are sensitive to the industry have already begun this field, and first laid out the content side. This is the consistent approach of Internet companies to enter the consumer field, followed by the layout of VCs. In addition, Panwanfang, a well-known photography agency that has previously focused on ancient photography, also received a Series C financing from Yuanchuang Capital in 2018. Finally, the popularity of social media proved that Hanfu has a good mass foundation in the crowd market.
Douyin is the main battlefield of social media, and it has also become a leading leader in the popularity of cultural and consumer products. We retrieved Douyin and found that there are two big V-class characters on the Douyin platform who often also wear Hanfu in their video content. The famous Douyin V Rabbit Tooth not only wears Hanfu in their videos, but also The popularity of Tang Bupeng and others also allowed Hanfu to further influence on social media.
Under the influence of these social media, various different communities promoting this trend culture will be further precipitated, which will further intensify the popularity of Hanfu culture. According to public data, there are about 1,300 Hanfu cultural associations in the world in 2017. By 2019, it will increase to more than 2000. According to public reports, there are currently more than 2 million Hanfu consumers in the market. This reflects from the side that Hanfu consumption has gradually evolved from a consumption that has not been out of the circle to a popular consumer product out of the circle. Shows that many production schedules have been scheduled to 2021. Looking at the number of these Hanfu shops, we can see how hot the Hanfu is.

Post time: Feb-08-2020