Drama (stage performance art)

Drama refers to the general term of stage performance art that achieves narrative purpose by means of language, action, dance, music, puppet and other forms.The concept of drama in literature refers to the script created for the performance of drama, namely the script.There are various forms of drama, including drama, opera, dance drama, musical, puppet show and so on.Drama is a comprehensive art in which actors play roles and perform stories in public on the stage.led dance costumes,glowing clothing,led dance props,dancewear,tron dance cosutme for women.

The origin of drama is inscrutable, and there are various hypotheses at present.There are two mainstream views: one is the witchcraft ceremony of primitive religion. For example, in ancient Chinese, the three words “wu”, “dance” and “wu” are the same origin, which may be a combination of witchcraft activities begging for victory in battle, namely, the primitive form of drama.Another impromptu song and dance for labor or harvest celebrations, based largely on ancient Greek drama, is thought to have originated in the sacrifice to the god of wine.

A drama is an art in which an actor performs a story or situation through dialogue, singing or action.Drama has four elements, including “actor”, “story”, “stage” and “audience”.”Actor” is the most important elements of four, he is the role of agent, must have the ability to play, drama and other arts of the biggest difference is played, played by actor, plays the role can be done, if abandoned actor to play, so it is no longer a performance by the drama.Led circus costume,led accessories clothing.  





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