Dialog. Fable 2047, the integration of LED costume and technology

From September 13th to 15th, the world premiere of the third season of “dialogue · fable 2047″, produced by the buick brand of saic general motors, produced by jun for the communication group and directed by zhang yimou, was successfully concluded.Seven sections by the millennium cultural heritage art and the world’s latest science and technology show integration of the wonderful interpretation shock audio-visual experience.Cultural self-confidence, scientific and technological self-confidence, this is also to the motherland 70 birthday gift!

This is the third time that the curtain of dialog 2047 has opened. 

At one end of 2047 stage, old storytellers in northern shaanxi, laboring masses of yi nationality, dong chorus in qiandongnan county, urban youth…The story of the living man forms the protagonist of civilization.

At the other end of the 2047 stage, artificial intelligence, bio-sensing, the Internet of everything…Human innovation is forming a fission “force”, accelerating the change of civilizations.How will this force from “people” act on “people”?What does it mean for human nature, which has walked for five thousand years, when the changes brought about by technology are pervasive?

This is the core of 2047 — caring for people, caring for people, in the torrent of technology fission.

After three seasons of sanding, “2047″ is intended to embody the allegorical symbol of the era: “people” who have gone through thousands of years of civilization, what impact, how to feel and where to go when the singularity of rapid iteration of technology is approaching.Since its debut in 2017, it has caused a heated debate among the audience and the literary and art circles.In each season, the main creative team selects and polish hundreds of kinds of Chinese folk art treasures and the latest technology expression techniques from the world, presenting unprecedented works in different forms, which are eye-opening, while repeating the same proposition: innovation and inheritance, technology and people, future and present.

 In the third season, eight countries, 21 teams and individuals joined hands to create seven new dialogues across time and space.Such dialogue is rare in art form: at one end of the stage is our way of coming: the murmur of the Yellow River’s source;From the depths of the mountain;Field and roadside talk….It is the memory of farming civilization and the common intangible cultural heritage of mankind.At the other end of the stage is the direction we’re heading at full speed: artificial intelligence, the latest materials, bionic technology.Between them, there is a complex present: the environment is changing, the relationship between human beings and science and technology is evolving, inheritance and innovation are blending, the present and the future are colliding…Such unusual “now” is captured, recorded and interpreted by 2047 stage, across the new audio-visual, percussion people’s brain and heart.Enlightening thinking — this “idea” performance is unique.

 Zhang yimou: we want to make people reflect after watching a performance.What is the future of our relationship with technology?Is artificial intelligence a double-edged sword?When it can think, can survive on its own or even recharge itself, is the human race doomed?Science fiction movies often touch on such themes, and I actually think that distant topics are also in front of me.Today if the people present a mobile phone, it is estimated that many people can not find the north, suddenly feel today no soul.Didn’t you notice?We’re completely controlled by our phones.What this means is that humans are unconsciously controlled by some kind of technology.This control is even physiological and spiritual.Some technologies have become a kind of dependence that permeates our blood, and this kind of dependence will greatly affect the reproduction of the human species.Since the development of science and technology, human beings have begun to think whether we should set a moral taboo in advance for many modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and gene research.Scientists are actually starting to have something to do with the law.The world should unite to set the direction of technology.

 A show is not that great.I think the performance is not only for entertainment, today there are so many entertainment.It’s not just about the box office.I still hope that through the performance, through the art way to let people’s heart have a feeling, which is also the so-called art of the highest goal.

One of the performances, “chengyun. Array”, the actors dressed in LED costumes with a sense of technology, presented us a piece of visual feast.LED clothing by hunan future creative technology co., LTD. Design and production. 

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Post time: Sep-29-2019