Combining the rhythm of LED costume lighting with the rhythm of music to create stage atmosphere

As a LED light up costumes designer, I think the best way to study the director’s intentions is to study stage dancewear design and performance wear costume carefully. The study of led costume stage design is the deepening process of understanding the script, which should focus on people. This is different from appreciating a painting because you have to study not only its image conception, but also its technical specifications. The study of performance led clothing is also the deepening process of the understanding of the script, which is an important basis for defining the led clothes performance style and finding the lighting up stage clothing atmosphere. After thorough research on bamei and acting, it is natural to combine the performance content with stage lighting costume and scenery perfectly.In the early 20th century, the dramatic revolution movement opposed illusion and advocated symbolism, that is, in the treatment of theatrical space, it wanted actors to move freely in a purified sculptural space. Combine music and plot, use lighting to highlight the actors to shape the atmosphere, so that the performance to achieve a high homophonic beauty.

According to adolfo apia, a Swiss led stage costumes artist, “music, only music can completely surpass our imagination and integrate various factors on the stage dancewear into a harmonious whole. Without music, such harmony cannot exist and cannot be discovered.” Music dominates the artistic creation of all departments, as does the performance of actors and stage lighting and scenery.

When combining the rhythm of lighting with the rhythm of music to create stage atmosphere and promote the development of the plot golw in the dark costume, we should take into account the scenery style of worship stage, which is divided into realistic and non-realistic. Realistic drama emphasizes the reproduction of the reality of life and the reality of history, and a stream of lights will also be realistic style, taking into account the restrictive factors of nature comprehensively. Non-realistic drama emphasizes the artistic conception and lasting appeal of works, and usually advocates the use of abstract and exaggerated techniques of expression. Therefore, when the designer expresses the rhythm of the light up clothing, dance stage props he will not be restricted by various natural led costumes factory, and will be able to develop the imagination space of creation. But we still have to conform to the objective plot and the overall effect of the aesthetic, so that the lighting rhythm combined with music rhythm in the performance to achieve a high degree of harmony, so as to effectively promote ballet tutu skirt the development of the plot, led robot costumes otherwise it will only be counterproductive glowing costumes.

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Post time: Jul-13-2019