Chinese manufacturers of LED clothing have sprung up but few are well known

In 2018, there was a popular saying that “the essence of human being is a repeter”.Doing business in China, no matter what you do, someone will follow.

Similar to the  LED clothing industry, a LED clothes popular, then have a lot of people to imitate.However, on the other hand, in the last competition, the only thing to watch is the quality, ornamental and new speed, so the brand is to be constantly updated. 

In recent years, China’s LED costumes have been mentioned more and more, and this year also produced a big bang effect.One of the more representative is hunan future creative technology co., LTD.The company have more than ten years experience for led luminus clothing industry.

As people pay more and more attention to the visual effect of performance, there are more and more manufacturers of LED light-emitting clothing in China, so there will be a big market for LED light-emitting clothing sooner or later.

According to professional analysis, SKP department store, with sales of 13.5 billion yuan last year, can be said to be the top luxury department store in China. It has great strategic strategies for many luxury brands.It’s also worth noting that Beijing SKP ranks second globally in sales per square foot, behind Harrods.

For the LED women’s LED clothing brand Future, which has entered the Chinese fashion in recent years and is well known by consumers, it also indirectly represents the strength of the brand. Of course, it also represents the local consumers who are more and more fond of the luminous clothing with Chinese fashion, so they will choose the brand with more consideration.The fashion industry is not short of women’s fashion hits, but peers are wary of Le Fame because the four-year-old brand has barely made a detour, making every decision with precision and lightness

 Le Fame was co-founded in 2015.Till now, entering SKP department store is undoubtedly a milestone. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the B1 floor of SKP department store is the floor where the brand enters. This floor is positioned as an international designer brand, and few Chinese brands enter.

In addition, the brand now has 70 stores in China, and has opened stores in Shanghai jiuguang department store, Beijing galeries lafayette, nanjing deji, hangzhou wulin Yintai and other key formats.And predicted that this year’s sales will reach 180 million yuan.

 The rapid development of Le Fame is also astonishing. When choosing spokespersons, the brand invited some celebrities, such as jolin tsai and Yang chao-yue, to improve its own popularity and bring goods to stars.


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Post time: Oct-15-2019