China LED luminous clothing brand shows different cultural charm

“The national tide prevails, everything can be inherited.” With the love of the younger generation for national culture, Chinese LED costumes brands have ushered in their “year of fighting.” Major national brands have co-branded with culture and dialogue with history to create many classic and fashionable products.

In recent years, with the increasing material and cultural needs of citizens and the continuous upgrade of consumption levels, as well as the increasing convenience of foreign tourism, the market size of China’s luxury industry has also increased year by year. It seems that buying luxury goods has become a label for pursuing quality, fashion and middle class .

But a sudden new pneumonia outbreak severely hit the global luxury goods market, a large number of stores were closed, factories were shut down, inventory was overstocked, and offline sales were dismal. Various factors have caused luxury goods to enter the hibernation mode in an instant, and some brands have dissipated in the epidemic. This is also changing the consumption habits and ideas of the Chinese people. The era of “new domestic products” is coming to us.

Domestic products are just in the wave National brands show different cultural charm!

May 10 is the Chinese Brand Day, the “2020 China Consumer Brand Development Report” released by the Ali Research Institute shows that in the past year, eight of Chengdu ’s shopping carts contained Chinese consumers. In terms of consumption of domestic products, the “post-wave” enthusiasm is significantly higher than that of the “front-wave”. After the 1990s, the average annual expenditure was 5307 yuan to purchase domestic products and became the main consumer group. According to Ali statistics, in the past 4 months, Tmall has added nearly 500 brands that have sold more than 100 million yuan since the store opened, of which 318 are Chinese brands, accounting for more than 70%.

As far as domestic products are concerned, people had the impression that the price was low but the quality was not good enough. Today’s redefining domestic products, cost-effectiveness does not mean low quality, and products should be more “tide” into the way of people’s daily life, showing personality, taste and feelings. Infused with a new connotation of domestic products, is promoting the integration of manufacturing, consumption and services.

Domestic products are just in the wave National brands show different cultural charm!

It is worth mentioning that the era of “new national goods” started as early as 2019, and the new coronary pneumonia epidemic became the fuse of this “national tide culture”. It can be said that 2020 is the Chinese economy, Chinese consumption, and Chinese enterprises leaping into a new era, which has epoch-making significance.

Coupled with the rise of new Internet shopping models such as live streaming, social marketing, etc., it has also intensified the arrival of the era of “new domestic products”. Nowadays, live broadcasting has become popular all over the country, and it has become an indispensable new model for corporate marketing.

Domestic products are just in the wave National brands show different cultural charm!

In addition, affected by the epidemic, many foreign trade companies began to switch to domestic sales, which also contributed to the arrival of the era of “new domestic products”. Under the epidemic, the foreign trade industry bears the brunt. According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs, China ’s imports and exports of goods fell by 9.6% year-on-year in the first two months of this year, of which exp ts fell by 15.9%. Many foreign trade enterprises faced severe challenges in their survival and development.

Foreign trade is transferred to domestic sales, and it is the first choice for foreign trade enterprises to seek breakthroughs on the front line. These companies quickly target the domestic market. With many years of export experience, these companies are as good as international companies in terms of technology and management, so the quality of the products they produce can quickly win the favor of domestic consumers.


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Post time: May-16-2020