Dancewear Face graph Inflatable LED lantern Dress WL-0192

ماڈل نمبر WL-0192
پروڈکٹ کا نام مکمل رنگ گرنے والی یلئڈی لالٹین کپڑے 
سائز اپنی مرضی کے مطابق
وولٹیج DC5V
ہلکی کنٹرول موڈ مکمل رنگین آزاد نقطہ کنٹرول
کنٹرولر آپشن (1) R / F ریموٹ کنٹرولر
کنٹرولر کا اختیار (2) 2.4G تلیکالک ایسڈی کارڈ کنٹرولر
کنٹرولر کا اختیار (3) 433 وائرلیس تلیکالک کنٹرولر
چراغ وقفہ کاری 3.5CM
آایسی قسم WS28 سیریز

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Dancewear Face graph Inflatable LED lantern Dress WL-0192

Designed & Made By Hunan Future Creative Technology Co.,Ltd.(Formerly Known as Changsha Tianchuang Stage Costume Co.,Ltd.) It is perfect for circus performance and events.

The Fiber Optic Costumes Including: set LED costume
2.some spare parts & simple tools.

 Features & Advantage:

The most professional LED costume manufacturer in China.

Notice: All of our costumes are made of Future patented LED strip or full color fiber optic. Not common LED strip in the market or traditional EL wire.

灯带88 做工100


Software Supply:

This software is an exclusive editing software developed by Hunan Future Creative Technology Co., Ltd. specially for luminous clothing. The operation is very easy to understand, and the synchronization rate is very precise. It can edit hundreds of different types of luminous clothing at the same time, You can also import music and clothing at the same time, and the effect of editing the program in the simulation mode is clear at a glance.

Support three kinds of controllers at the same time:

① ordinary SD card controller;

② 433 wireless synchronous controller;

③ 2.4G wireless real-time controller.

 The software supports online real-time control, and can also copy the created programs for offline control.


Optional Accessories:

1.15000mAh Mobile power bank

2. 6000mAh Mobile power bank

3. 433 Wireless Sender & Receiver

4. Synchronous SD card controller

5. R/F remote controller

Remark: Contact us, we will make your suggestions!



About us:

Hunan Future Creative Technology Co.,Ltd is the world’s leading manufacturer of LED costumes & accesories, integrate in creative electronics, intelligent development design and productions. We offer competition, safety and stability, reliable product solutions & services for customers in acting and lighting business, for creating customers value and opportunities continuous. Our special unique product are: special synchronous controller for costumes, special mobile power bank(DC5V、5A-8A)for costumes, and special control system for costumes.

It can be said without exaggeration that, so far, we are the best LED luminous clothing factory in China. Our products quality & design is No.1 in China.



Warmly welcome customization through drawings, pictures and samples

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